Neil & Ragini to marry for shouldering family responsibilities in IKNMP…



Neil and Ragini are compelled to be together for saving Nishi’s marriage with Jignesh. Ragini’s mom blames both Neil and Ragini for Nishi’s dire situation and holds them responsible. Neil had earlier proposed to Nivedita for marriage in a high state but with the recent development of Ragini’s mom giving word to Nishi on her parents to be finally one, he gets emotional for Nishi. On the other hand, Nishi is not fully convinced about her grandma’s words about her parents. Neil finds himself in a position to convince Nishi about her grandma’s words being the truth.

Later on, Ragini and Neil get married again to shoulder family responsibilities and to fix the recurrent problems, in particular, Nishi’s marriage issues. It was thought for a long time that Ragini would marry Aman, but he also felt exhausted on waiting for her for so much time and wanted to go to London to stay with his sisters. Nonetheless, Neil and Ragini’s marriage gets completed after they took seven vows again to build the marriage bond. Neil fills sindoor in her maang and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Suhani, Agam are happy to see their parents married and congratulate them for their reunion. Will Nishi’s marriage going to survive post Neil & Ragini’s marriage ?

On other front, both Pam and Nivedita were hoping Neil will not accept Ragini because of their tussle and contrast in thinking but with Neil’s marriage with Ragini, Pam and Nivedita’s plans and position have taken a beating.


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