Titu’s tribute act to Mehmood ji turns victorious in Tu Mera Hero



Titu’s master plan to launch himself as Mehmood ji’s big fan and pay a tribute to the comedy icon fails. Jatin Verma flies down to Mathura from Mumbai and gets to know Titu’s plan for his big self launch. Titu gets help from Vaishaili, Panchi and everyone. He gets inside the Murli Hall and gets on the stage. Jatin comes on the stage and says he is the face behind Mehmood’s news. Titu says it’s the drama which we both are doing, why don’t we have a face off and audience will decide who is better. Jatin agrees to the challenge infront of the audience. He dances as Mehmood ji on the song Ek Chatur Naar…. And Jatin Verma performs opposite him. They both compete in the comedy faceoff and get Mehmood’s look. Jatin does well and suddenly stops seeing Titu’s talent.


Titu’s family sits in the audience and everyone clap for him. This was special chance to Titu as he pays a tribute to Mehmood ji and announces about his performance. Titu’s act does not stop and he continues in one go, without any pause. Jatin gets stunned seeing him and stops his act being tired. Titu’s family gets proud of him seeing the audience applaud for Titu’s talent. Jatin loses out to Titu and accepts the face that Titu’s talent can bring Mumbai to Mathura. Titu wins the audience’s heart and also gets the chance to start his comedy journey. What will Jatin do next to save his comedy show? Keep reading.


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