Ayesha and Laxmi’s fight to affect families in Dream Girl



Laxmi teamed up with Karan to take revenge from Ayesha for the MMS Scandal and all the evil done by Ayesha to her. She wants Ayesha to admit her crimes and mocked her death to frame Ayesha. With Ayesha staying strong and not falling in Laxmi’s trap, Laxmi has come as blind Naina to her. Ayesha invites her home to make the family believe her. Laxmi comes to Sareen mansion and Samar gets stunned seeing her. Laxmi’s dad and Bua are also present there and could not believe their eyes. They get flowed in emotions seeing Laxmi back and get thankful to Ayesha to discover her. Laxmi gets adamant that she is Naina and its her test to prove them about her new identity, just to prove Ayesha wrong.

Ayesha worriedly provokes Samar to find his Laxmi in Naina. Samar believes its Laxmi and is glad seeing her back. Laxmi acts as per Karan’s guidance and gives a tight slap to Samar angrily. She gets hurt to slap Samar, but does so to prove everyone that she is not Laxmi, and has no emotions or love for the people related to Laxmi. Samar gets doubtful that she is Laxmi, and Ayesha gets tensed seeing them turn non believing. Ayesha realizes its Laxmi’s game to show her down, and decides not to let Laxmi and Karan win. What will Ayesha do now when Laxmi is well prepared for her every scheme? Keep reading.


  1. Nainas new identity will ruin Ayeesh sareen life,???? hahaha she deserves it (b****) but I feel so sorry for samar bichara!!!!!??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? poor.soul awwwwwwww.


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