Mohini’s tortures on Bharadwaj Family to wrap up in Sasural Simar Ka…



Simar gets successful anfd makes Mohini and her mum arrested. Mohini is seen doing black magic on Sanjana in the hall, while the family looks on shocked. Sanjana is sleeping with garland in her neck and tilak on her forehead, as Mohini is about to give her sacrifice to praise the Devil for getting her work done. She takes out sword to kill Simar’s daughter Sanjana, but just then police comes and arrests the Dayan mother – daughter duo. Simar feels she has just saved Sanjana, and have to save all her family members. Mohini warns everyone before being taken away by the police. Simar meets Mohini in the police station and warns her to stay away from her family. Mohini rages and challenges her to save her family.

Later, Dayan Mohini makes some plan and the twist comes that she has committed suicide in Simar’s house. This left everyone in shock and wonder what compelled her to take such a serious step. Mata Ji gets scared and thinks black spirits will stay in their house after Dayan’s dead. The police arrives there for the inquiry. The show will soon finish Mohini’s blackmagic track and bring peace in Bharajwaj’s family, as the show is near its happy ending now (tentative), to get replaced by Colors’ new show Naagin. Keep reading.


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