Dharam’s entry in Modi Bhavan amidst Meera’s drama in Saathiya…



Gaura gets glad to see her son Dharam in Modi Bhavan. Meera’s life will be changed by Dharam’s entry, when Dharam starts a problem in Modi family. Dharam and Shravan have lot of differences between them. Vidya’s engagement is going on, and Meera wears her shagun dress. This shocks everyone. Vidya was choosing the dress and Gaura taunts Meera to wear proper clothes. Meera gets angry and takes Vidya’s dress. Gaura then insults Meera. Meera asks her to shut up, and asks her not to scold her. Kokila feels its Meera’s mistake to wear Vidya’s shagun dress and jewelry and Meera should have not done this.

Gaura says Meera does not deserve this shagun chunri. Meera says you are mistaken to think I m interested in Shravan. Kokila asks Meera to have some shame and stop it. Meera does not have experience of life, as she did not grow up with her mum Gopi and got spoiled by Ahem’s love, when she gets responsibilities on her, she will change soon. Dharam sees Meera shouting on his mum Gaura, and scolds her. Gaura has a big plan in her mind as she is provoking Meera against family. Gopi will find about Gaura’s intentions to get linked with Modi Family. Dharam will be paired with Meera in next track. Keep reading.


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