Kunj Sarna’s entry post Twinkle and Yuvraj’s breakup in Tashan-e-Ishq

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Yuvraj in an inebriated state decides to have a break-up with Twinkle and informs her bluntly. Twinkle gets an emotional heart break and cries much. Twinkle refuses to elope with him and this makes Yuvraj angry. Chinki advises Twinkle to meet Yuvraj and sort their issues. Twinkle wants to patchup with Yuvraj and gets shocked seeing him unaffected by their breakup. She sees him dancing and partying with his friends at home, and gets angry. Soon after, Twinkle’s mom pushes her to have a relationship with an eligible bachelor Kunj. She bumps into Kunj and finds herself in a situation where there is broken love on one hand, and being driven to adapt to new found relationships on the other hand. She decides to solidify her breakup with Yuvraj and agrees to meet Kunj Sarna.

There will be new entry of Twinkle’s new hero. Kunj Sarna enters the show in a grand entry scene. Twinkle falls in Kunj’s arms and Yuvraj fumes witnessing this moment. Manohar Sarna is a big businessman and wants to get his son Kunj married to Twinkle. Kunj is against Manohar seeing how disrespectfully he treats his mum. Kunj is his mum’s biggest support and agrees to her to meet Twinkle. Kunj is a perfect guy with good values and etiquette which Leela does not find in Yuvraj. Manohar does all the lavish arrangements to impress Tanejas. Leela likes Kunj and finds him perfect for Twinkle. Later on, Twinkle’s Roka (engagement) with Kunj get set and she vows to put efforts in stopping the Roka from completion. Yuvraj also comes to Twinkle’s Roka ceremony in disguise and gets agitated with that development. Will Twinkle succeed to stop Roka before its completion ? Keep reading.

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2 responses to “Kunj Sarna’s entry post Twinkle and Yuvraj’s breakup in Tashan-e-Ishq”

  1. Latiffa Avatar

    love the serial .Kunj is to adorable….he and Twinkle are made for each other, hope your serials unite them

  2. Hussain Nasif Avatar
    Hussain Nasif

    Actually Who watched this show with love… will want yuvi and twinkle forever together… because those two are made for each other… I wish…

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