Titu’s success celebrations turns into grand musical event

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Titu has won over Jatin Verma and proved his talent to Mathura and Mumbai. He gets the offer to show his talent in a Jatin’s comedy show. Titu does all the arrangements to have a romantic union. They both celebrate their special date and decorate the room. Titu and Panchi dance in the closed room, on multiple songs and they have a romance time. They try to spend some time together and Panchi gets locked outside the room. The situational song Hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho plays accordingly. She says he is her hero, as he has achieved his aim of his life and he left Jatin behind by his comedy talent.

Panchi dances as Radha for her Mathura’s Kanha Titu. She has made Titu a responsible and hardworking man, and the family celebrates. The family has got much happiness together. Vaishaili dances with Mukund, and Bhagwati dances with Keshav. All the three brothers have achieved a lot, and their wives give them a tribute. Titu’s success party turns into a grand function with many people cheering for Agarwal family. A new entry has come in Agarwal house. Pinky gets tensed seeing her obsessed lover at her home and asks him to leave before anyone sees him. With all couples’ stories coming on right tracks, the next track will be Pinky’s love story. Keep reading.






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