Sarojini to elope with Somendra, and not to marry Mayank in Sarojini


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Sarojini is being compelled to marry Mayank by both her aunt and uncle. Earlier, she was having support of her uncle who wished that she will be having the final word on her marriage but now her uncle too wants to see her marriage with Mayank. Mayank opens-up on Somendra’s arrival at the temple and his actions in-front of Sarojini’s uncle, and this makes him to flip-flop from his earlier stance.

Somendra came to her haldi ceremony with a heavy stone on his heart. It is known that both Sarojini & Somendra are close to each other, but still have been far from confessing love. Somendra looks at Sarojini while she dresses up in a bridal attire. Sarojini sits for her haldi ceremony and a ladder was about to fall on her but Somendra saves her life by risking himself like a true hero. They have an eyelock and unspoken romance follows. The ladder fell on Sarojini mistakenly as children were playing nearby.  Somendra and Sarojini are speaking silently with their eyes and depict pain during Sarojini’s haldi ceremony.


Somendra came to attend the Haldi function even after her refusal, and acts like Devdas. Sarojini is helpless because of her uncle and aunt’s favors on her since childhood. Later on, Sarojini couldn’t succumb to family pressures in going ahead with the marriage with Mayank, and therefore decides to elope with Somendra, and marry him.


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