Shagun’s surrogacy step to affect IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohab

Bhalla family get grooving and dancing as they take Romi’s baraat to marry Sarika. Romi and Sarika’s marriage gets underway with all the rituals and soon gets completed. On other hand, Ishita and Raman share romantic moments after he takes her to a side and with the intentions to have a lovely and romantic conversation.

Raman and Ishita perform during Romi and Sarika’s marriage function. Everyone is mesmerized by their performance. Ishita welcomes her newly weds Dewar and Dewrani and makes them do the ring finding ceremony. Raman and Ishita give tips to Romi and Sarika for finding the ring. Sarika gets the ring and will rule on Romi all their life. It is said that wife will rule on husband if she wins the ring finding ceremony or vice versa. Sarika thinks Romi has realized his mistakes and will do as she says. Ishita is sad as she got to know that she couldn’t get pregnant. She gets teary eyes with the news and hides her pain from everyone. Ramna also gets to know the reports and gets saddened by the breaking sad news. Raman supports Ishita in this tough time. Ishita will get happiness soon as Shagun will agree to become surrogate mother for Ishita and Raman’s baby.

Ishita is happy and shares her pregnancy news with Raman. He asks is she sure. She says Manoj has called her and informed the good news. They both were crying and questioning their fate. They get Manoj’s call and her tears turn into happiness. Sarika is given credit to this as her steps inside the house is proving to be auspicious for them. Raman gets glad and can’t believe this. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla help Sarika in adjusting in the house. Mrs. Bhalla is glad that Ishita is finally becoming a mum, but what truth lies behind the reports….. Some complications will be coming in Ishita’s pregnancy and the story will go long after Shagun’s surrogacy. With this twist, relations will surely come in big effect. Keep reading.


  1. no need for surrogacy ishra should get the happiness and some unforgettable movements in ishita’s own preganancy. what the report is saying that she can be pregnant but the utreus is so weak only nowdays so many medicines is there for this type of problem so makers should think for ishita’s own preganancy

  2. Get ishita pregnant my friend had weak uterus but doctors here in England complete bed rest and stitch her uterus so it can be done medical is so advance please no negative with Shagun she is already a Shagun for the family please change story line

  3. If they cant have a baby let it be.i mean not a big deal they are in love and thts what matters the most…i mean its a blessing thng to have a baby…but if u cant leave it yaar dont take help from that evil wretch(no hard feelings on anita hassanandini she is brilliant actress… im referring only to the character shagun here ok)

  4. Plz stop surrogate shagun track in Yhm plz stop it plz we want ishita own baby ruhi is asking for ishima own baby no surrogate child

  5. What are u people trying to show?? Surrogacy that too by shagun?? Raman and ishita already have 2 kids and the only reason they r waiting for child is to make ishita experience her motherhood.. If she cant have a baby,then whats the big deal.. This is really a shitty track and definitely we will stop watching that stupid track

  6. Yrr surrogacy shud nt b deree
    evn if ishra want a baby simmi can b d surrogate mother
    dere’s no need of shagun
    i seriously want ishra to hav a baby bt nt dis way

  7. Wat tge hell…hw can u bring in ex wife as surrogacy mother…I believe in faith and miracles…ishita can carry this baby…wat nonsense bringing in shagun ex wife ti carry ishita baby…wat crap

  8. Pls dnt shw this surrogacy track. Any fan of yhm will not like it n ur trp will go down. And even at the time of ruhi shagun had so many problems. Then this time that problem can occur and to save shagun will raman allow abortion???

  9. Yes people vote NO ABSHGUN. (Shagun),,,,,, We would like to see Ishita pregnant India is so advance as a country so many doctors so please change story line ishita with complete bed rest can have a baby Ekta change story line I know Anita is your friend but no more Anita

  10. Realy u need to rewrite the track, all this surrogacy really ant gonna make a good story line, we need Ishita to carry and have her own baby, no shogun carry for her, need a new story line, enougth of the same Ashoka, Shagun, Raman and ishita lines, cum up with sum different tracks plz plz plz


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