Swaragini’s clashes to take a high; Ragini stoops more stumpy…



Swara is happy and is dancing even though Laksh is married to Ragini now. The reason for her happiness is unknown. She tells Ragini that she is doing everything for her parents union and does not care if Ragini wins Laksh’s love. This makes Swara rise in Sanskaar’s heart. Sanskar is happy seeing Swara dancing and falls in love with her.

Swara points finger at Ragini and tells everyone that she had tried to kill her on her marriage day. Ragini has done wrong with Swara and tricked Laksh to marry her. Everyone believes on Ragini’s lie and don’t believe on Swara’s truth. Dadi is backing Ragini and helping her. Ragini says she gets shocked when Swara reveals her truth. Ragini starts acting and sheds tears to gain everyone’s trust on her. Shekhar and Sharmistha don’t agree to stay together. Swara has married Sanskar thinking her parents will be united, but it couldn’t happen because of Ragini. Laksh is very much angry with Swara. He gets hurt and Ragini nurses his injury. Swara is going from there and sees Ragini and Laksh together. Laksh closes the door on her face. Ragini plans to hurt Swara emotionally by using Laksh. Will Swara still be affected by Laksh to let Ragini succeed? Keep reading.


  1. Bakwas dikhana bndh kro. Everytime ragini cannot win. N at the end use laksh nahi milna chahiye to use bhi dard ka pata chale

  2. Absolutely nonsensical serial!

    Swara who was always the spirited is looking like a perfect dud against the vileness of village bumkin Ragini.

    Ragini looks like an emaciated dried up version of “Mummy Returns”.

    Wonder when will the track change in Swara’s favor!

    What’s amusing is both the girls are fighting over someone who looks like Mr Toad.

    Ragini’s grandmother is the typical venom spewing and conspiring old witch.

    Shekhar looks like a eunach and Sharmishta looks like a desperate woman begging for her conjugal rights.

    The only interesting characters are Dida and Sanskaar.


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