Somendra marries Sarojini and gets shot by Dushyant…

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Sarojini looks beautiful as a bride. Mayank comes with the baraat. Sarojini welcomes the groom and throws rice on him as a part of ritual, but it falls on Somendra instead. Mayank gets angry. Sarojini feels that God is signing her to marry Somendra, but stays silent and goes with the flow. Everyone is happy except Somendra and Sarojini. Somendra has been torturing himself and clicks Sarojini’s photo while she sits for her marriage with Mayank. It is tough time for Somendra and Sarojini.

Later, Sarojini gets married to Somendra. Somendra lifts Sarojini and takes the rounds in filmi style. Somendra has come instead of Mayank wearing the sehra and hiding his face. He then shows his face to everyone. Everyone oppose the marriage. Somendra asks his friends to tie up all the baraatis and guests, to stop them from becoming a hurdle in the marriage. Sarojini reacts that Somendra did wrong to marry forcefully. Sarojini feels this is wrong and she will react to it. She is helpless. Somendra says its love and she will know it. Somendra’s dad Dushyant gets angry and shoots at him. Somendra gets shot and faints in the mandap. Sarojini gets worried and asks him to get up. Karan Tacker and Krystle D Souza will be part of the reception function of Somendra and Sarojini. They dance on the romantic songs and make it a magical moment. What will Dushyant do now? Will he accept Sarojini as his bahu? Keep reading.





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