Mangla takes courageous stand for Nimboli’s honor in Balika Vadhu…

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While Nimboli hides behind the tree in the jungle to save herself, Kundan finds her. Nimboli pleads to him to leave her. The police comes there and takes Nimboli home, thus failing Kundan’s plans to molest Nimboli. The inspector drops Nimboli and Kundan home and tells the entire matter to Akhiraj Singh and Harki. Harki gets angry and locks Kundan in his room. Nimboli stays terrified and Mangla Disa talks to her. Nimboli tells her about Kundan’s misdeeds. Mangla gets raged and rushes to Kundan. She beats Kundan with the stick and gets more protective towards Nimboli. Harki gets shocked seeing Mangla’s angry side for the very first time in their life.

Kundan attempted rape on Nimboli under the influence of his friend Madhav. Nimboli gets depressed though and cries. Kamli and her husband Pushkar try to cheer her up. Pushkar becomes joker and makes her laugh with his act. Nimboli laughs. Kamli hugs her and tries to pacify her. Mangla gets glad seeing Nimboli getting normal. Will Anandi be able to save Nimboli from Akhiraj’s family? Keep reading.





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