Sandhya to deceive Shekhar and Manjari on their Garjana mission



Shekhar chooses Sandhya for Garjana’s mission. He sends her with Manjari on some secret mission that can help Garjana financially. Manjari and Sandhya have many arguments in the jungle, while they are on the way. Manjari is irritated by Shekhar’s decision and asks Sagarika not to let them down. Sandhya will be seen doing a Mujra for sake of the Garjana Sanghatan. She dances hiding her face and changes her name and look again. She wants to know the whole plan of Garjana and getting close to Garjana members. She is doing this dance on Garjana’s plan to go to a rich home and entertain the guests. Garjana wants to loot a rich family for getting cash to workout their plan. Sandhya comes there with Manjari. Sandhya does the dance to win Garjana’s trust. Manjari plans to steal the cash from the rich home. Sandhya will be ruining Garjana’s plan by being its member.


Manjari will also be seen in a new look, where she shows her smartness and composed behavior in the party for doing the robbery. Sandhya is doing the robbery for the first time and dances on the song Parde me Rehna do….. She signs the rich family to get alert, as something wrong is going to happen with them. Manjari wants much amount for Garjana organization. She sees the gold jewelry kept there for the bride and tells Sandhya to steal it. Sandhya wants to win Manjari’s trust and not do the robbery. She shows she is innocent and has done her best to do the robbery to help Garjana’s mission. Will Sandhya do the robbery to make her place firm in Garjana or will she do her police duty? Keep reading.


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