Sumit’s methodical steps to balance life spin roughly in Sumit Sambhal Lega

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Sumit tells Maya that he has much work at office and he is not finding enough time to spend with her. Maya gets doubtful that he has an affair and goes to check at his office. Maya gets to know Sumit is just passing time with his friends. She gets angry on knowing that Sumit has an option to work from home. Sumit gets worried when Maya asks Sumit to work from home and spend time with family. He wants to be away from Maya and Dolly’s fight. He often lands in the unpredictable problems arising out of unnecessary talks. Sumit and his friend pass time at home and mess up the house. Maya finds it a bigger trouble than Sumit’s late working hours.

In the next track, Sumit’s cravings for food makes him land in problems. Sumit can’t control himself seeing the great food. He attends a function with Maya. He taunts on the veg dishes and takes so many non veg items in his plate. The program goes in the teacher parents association in the kids’ school. Maya wants to win the school election, but people get chance to laugh on Sumit. Maya gets ashamed. Sumit says he does not want Maya to win the elections, so he has done all this to distract her. Maya wants to become PTA representative in Aaliya’s school and orders samosas for everyone. Maya worries that she won’t be able to win the post. What will happen now? Keep reading.





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