Meher and Abeer’s love story flashbacks to surface their separation truth…



Abeer is emotional and recalls the past. Meher and Abeer are dancing during their engagement function. He reminisces their happy and bitter life in a flashback sequence, Abeer reminisces proposing Meher, their engagement, marriage functions and frequent fights leading to their separation. Meher needs him as she is in hospital and Abeer should be at her side. Abeer does not want to lose Meher and recalls their painful separation. He wishes to Meher fine again to continue their usual arguments.

Abeer and Meher recall their marriage. Abeer and Meher run away from home and come home after marriage. Abeer’s mum Madhvi asks Abeer the reason of his runaway marriage, when she has set the mandap at home. She says she was agreeing to accept Meher as her bahu and wants to know why Abeer did this foolish step. Abeer tells her that he did this to save Meher’s family from financial burden, as they would not match to his dad Kuber’s status. Abeer gets to know Meher’s family is not able to spend much in the marriage. He did not like to make Meher’s family lose their all finances to impress the guests. So he decides to have a simple marriage with Meher. Abeer’s Tai ji supports the marriage, as its pure bond. She asks Kuber to accept Meher as his bahu.


The flashback scenes will be overflowing in upcoming episodes. The track will be presenting how Meher and Abeer got separated. Tai ji had enmity with Meher’s mum Summan, who has given the statement against her husband Kedar Malhotra in the drunken driving accident case. Kedar gets punished of 5 years imprisonment by the court. Tai ji holds a deep grugde against Meher and her mum Suman. She hates Suman as her husband died in the jail. There will be new twists in the show after Tai ji starts trying to keep lovers separated, and getting the opposite results. Keep reading.



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