Sandhya’s real identity exposed; Manjari gets paralyzed ….



At the party venue, Manjari sees Sandhya’s pic in the newspaper.She reads about IPS Officer Agrima Singh and IPS Officer Sandhya Rathi missing report and gets stunned seeing Sandhya fooling Garjana as Sagarika Das. She confronts Sandhya about her real motives. Manjari and Sandhya have a fight in the jungle, where angry Manjari beats Sandhya for cheating them. Sandhya decides to answer Manjari for all the tortures she has been bearing till now, and beats Manjari. Their fight continues and Manjari gets hurt in their fight. Manjari gets paralytic attack. Sandhya feels Manjari got paralysis and she got saved this time. She brings Manjari back to the village with a story to fool Shekhar.

Shekhar gets to know that Manjari got paralysis and he is tensed to lose their trainees commando in crucial time. Manjari has seen Sandhya’s truth and now is unable to tell Shekhar. Sandhya wants to take Manjari to temple to do Mrityunjay puja and asks Shekhar to permit her. She says she can’t lose Himanshu’s mother and plans to to kill Manjari. Shekhar thinks Sagarika has lost Himanshu and now she does not want to lose Manjari. Later, Shekhar gets to know about Sandhya’s real identity and this make Sandhya hide away from Garjana Sanghatan. She will be then succeeding in her long mission, only to face major dilemma in Rathi house. Keep reading.


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