Rana ji and Gayatri’s marriage to face many obstacles…



Rana ji gets the milk bath done and gets dressed. Rana ji gets milk Abhishek along with flowers. The servants put plenty of milk pots on him. Rana ji gets dressed in his royal wedding and wears the sehra. Rana ji gets angry and says he will not do this marriage and drops the sindoor box. Gayatri gets shocked and this twist will create some interest. Gayatri and Rana ji will be getting married after all twists. Badi Rani Maa will be grooming Gayatri post her marriage with Rana ji.

Gayatri gets ready as a bride and is happy. Rana ji comes to the mandap with the baraat and gets shocked looking at the decorations. He loses his cool and asks who did the decorations. Everyone stays silent as they don’t want to be bear Rana ji’s anger. Actually the mandap decorations is similar to his past and reminds him of his marriage with his first wife. He fumes and leaves the mandap angrily. Raj Mata follows him and emotional blackmails him reminding him of the promise which he made to her. While Rana ji refuses to marry Gayatri, Raj Mata threatens to cut her nerves and embrace death, if he doesn’t agree. Gayatri hears them and is shocked. Finally, Rana ji agrees to her sayings and comes to mandap to marry Gayatri. There are many people who are conspiring against him while being in his palace. The politics around the throne will be seen in the show. Keep reading.


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