Viplav and Dhaani come closer by situations… in Ishq Ka Rang Safed




Viplav goes to help Dhaani and Ashram ladies and goes against Dasharath unknowingly. When Tania informs Viplav that Ashram is locked, even though he got the stay order, Viplav comes to the Ashram and sees the women suffering. Dhaani asks him to leave from there and refuses to take his help. Viplav brings food for the Ashram ladies and asks Dhaani not to refuse food as it is not Uttaran or Chadawa. Viplav helps the women get back their Ashram after approaching DM to take action against the persons locking the Ashram disobeying the court rules.

Later, Viplav sees some bangles falling from Dhaani’s belongings. The bangles break and he picks it. He says he did not know she likes bangles. He tells her that he will buy bangles for her and make her wear colorful bangles. Viplav still has to realize widow customs in Banaras. Dhaani sees some guys staring at her. She gets tensed fearing the people’s anger on ashram women. She gets inside Viplav’s car and he gets shocked seeing her back in his life again. She tries telling him about the men. He does not listen to her and asks her to get down the car. Viplav opens the car door and gets close. He smiles seeing her tensed and tells her to get relieved. Will Dhaani’s problem makes Viplav a part of her life? Will love begin between them by Viplav’s innocent mistakes? Keep reading.



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