Yug lands in Paleker Mansion; A new journey begins…

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Yug gets shattered after the thunderstorm took away his shelter and boats. His dreams to buy a big house for his lady love Sophia breaks down, but he gets happy as his friends were saved. He goes to his friend’s house and sees his wife beating him as he asked him to stay in his house. Yug comes to the Palekar house without realizing that he actually came to the ghost house. Yug had no place to go and his fate brings him back to Palekar house. He was thrown out from that house by the ghosts. However, he is in need of shelter, he gets in the house and witness strange things happening around him.

Yug sees the ghost family photo. He hugs the photo frame and cries seeing the happy family. He talks to the photo and tells them how much dearly he misses his family. He shares that he is an orphan and he badly needs a family. The ghosts hear Yug sharing his family needs and their love. They get emotional by Yug’s talk and think to let him stay in their house. Yug sleeps on the ground and they get caring towards him. The ghosts decide to accept Yug and provide him all the rights that a Palekar family member gets. Yug makes friendship with the ghost family, and becomes their loved one. The ghost family will help him to get his childhood love Sophia, with a hidden motive though which will be revealed later. Keep reading.







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