Angoori’s angry romantic avatar for Tiwari ji …

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Angoori beats Tiwari ji with a wooden rod as she mistaken him to be Jagmohan Tiwari. He has to pay the price for eyeing Bhabhi ji. It all happened when he was entering home silently, and Angoori beats him making him leave the house. He gets beaten by Anita also before coming here. He is doing the double role drama and Angoori is thinking him to be Jagmohan. He has to make his wife believe that he is not Jagmohan, but Manmohan. He takes his mum in law’s promise and tells that he is Manmohan. Angoori scolds him for taking her mum’s promise. However he convinces her, and she opens the door regretting to beat him.

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Angoori dances and tries to woo Tiwari ji with her sensual dance moves. Tiwari ji gets happy and dances with her. He should give the credit to Vibhuti ji for Angoori’s romantic dance. Angoori wants to take revenge from Tiwari as he has hurt Vibhuti and dances on her mum in law’s insistence. Angoori locks him up in the room after wooing him. Tiwari ji gets hurt seeing Angoori locking him in the room. What will happen next? Keep reading.





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