Dushyant plans to trouble Sarojini; Indra gets hurt mistakenly…

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There is drama again in Dushyant’s home. Its Sarojini’s first day in her inlaws home. She was given many tasks to do in one day. Sarojini gets shocked knowing the tough tasks given by Dushyant. She has done 101 times aarti with huge plate having many diyas. Sarojini cries as her hands get burnt holding the hot plate and still continues the aarti. The inlaws kept many rituals for her in one day. The second task is mixing spices by her hands, which got burnt by holding hot aarti plate. Sarojini is asked to prepare spices for the pickles. Dushyant does this planning to hurt her. Sarojini wears plastic packets to mix spices. Dushyant says he will decide what anyone will eat, do and wear in his house. He says he dominates the house always and only his rule will run. Sarojini uses her mind in doing the tasks. She is sure she is not going to break by anything and will end Dushyant’s domination.

Later on, ts first rasai rasam of Sarojini. Dushyant asks Sarojini to cook something. He asks for brinjal dish. She keeps the brinjal on the stove and it blasts. Sarojini and Indra get bit burnt. Sarojini gets in trouble as she gets blamed. Dushyant’s plans fails as his daughter gets hurt. Sarojini decided to show Dushyant’s plan in everyone’s eyes. Sarojini has to be ready to face more tests from her father in law. The family rushes Indra for her aid. How will Sarojini stand against Dushyant? Keep reading.





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