Swara to support Sanskar against Ragini’s molestation blame…




Ragini instigates Laksh against Swara and tells that their marriage is fake. Laksh decides to expose them. When everyone questions Sanskar about his fake marriage with Swara, Sanskar fills Swara maang with sindoor to prove their marriage. Swara gets shocked. Everyone believes Sanskar after he proves his marriage. Laksh gets hurt and affected. He cries and tells Ragini that she can’t forget Swara until now, the more he tries to forget her, the more he remembers her. Ragini gets angry, but tells him that she understands him. Laksh gets angry and tells no one can understand what he is going through, and he is suffering every bit in Swara’s love. He tells Ragini that he can see her as only best friend and doubts if he will be able to give her love which she deserves being his wife.

Ragini expects him to give her wifey rights and declares that she is leaving the house, and asks him to bring her back home when he forgets Swara completely. Laksh is stunned at her move. Ragini comes to Swara’s tent before leaving and accepts her defeat. She tells that she is leaving the house and Laksh. Swara didn’t want this to happen and tries to stop her. Swara and Sanskar know that Ragini is acting. Sanskar feels she is ruining the house environment. Swara gets emotional and cries. Swara’s troubles have increased as Laksh comes to know about their marriage truth. Swara says they have to make the family believe that their marriage is real. Sanskar is falling in love with Swara. He says he has grown feelings for Swara, but didn’t show until now. Swara will realize his feelings and their relation will become stronger.

Later on, Sanskar is angry and wants to burn everything. Swara tries to stop him. Sanskar lights the tent in influence of Alcohol. He is frustrated that he has planned enough. He wants to bring Ragini’s truth out and tells Laksh that Ragini is responsible for everything happened till now. He gives the proof of Swara’s innocence to everyone. He tells how he has supported Ragini before. No one believes Sanskar as he is drunk and not in senses. Laksh feels Sanskar is drunk and they can talk tomorrow. Laksh asks Ragini to come and takes her along. Ragini gets tensed and thinks to do something to prove Sanskar wrong. Ragini plans seeing Sanskar drunk and sleeping in the living room. She frames him in molestation blame. Laksh beats up Sanskar knowing his bitterness towards Ragini. Now Swara gets a big challenge to prove Sanskar innocent and also regrets seeing Ragini falling so low to hide her truth. What will Swara do now? Keep reading.


  1. Same kind of promo… but swara never wins till now…. always ragini wins.. U people r disgusting… seriously. . At least once u can show the victory of truth…and make us happy.. I’m requesting u people..plssss

  2. No doubt that’s the truth how people misuse their innocence but atleast be a little logical… at some places there are so many silly things that are being shown !! This is just making it look so depressing!! It is a drama which includes everything ..not just one side..evil. !! Literally…started hating it now.

    • The show is getting on my nervse, rageni is getting on my nervse and also her dadi, dad and Laksh. I just can’t wait till that psyco path ragini’s truth comes out. This Sunday there will be 1 hour special of swaragini and I just hope swara proves that ragini is wrong regarding sanskar misbehaving with her. After watching the show I was so angry because of that psyco path ragini’s and her dadi.


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