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Season 1 of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan had Manik and Nandini to look forward too. Even then there was some logic missing. Cabir’s sense of humor worked big time and gave relief to fans. But the main thing that held us on to Season 1 was the epic love story of MaNan. They were the highlight of the show. Rocking 265 episodes of pure romance, with amazing chemistry that we were willing to forgo the logic part. Season 2 without Manik is an ordeal to watch, the energy, the zing is missing. I don’t think after Season 1, we can accept Nandini with anyone else. For a show without good logic, the makers either have to get Parth back, or bring interesting factors. There is emptiness in the show without Manik. Nandini lacks chemistry with the new lead. Another question is…. Why does Nyonika who hated Nandini enough to kill her, still have her in ‘Space’, especially when Manik is not around?? Lots of unanswered questions in Season 2….which can get sense if Manik is brought back.

I just wish to see Manik. Not necessarily Parth, but Manik’s character should be back. They could add a plastic surgery/amnesia/any filmi angle. Someone who can match up to the intensity of Parth can be watched. The makers could start the love/hate cycle between Manik and Nandini all over again. This would work wonderful for Season 2 as well and make the loyal MaNan fans happy.

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