Pammi’s entry to get Vibhuti and Tiwari’s attention…

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Angoori is boredom for Tiwari ji. He gets to know that Anita loves Chinese food and he gets into a Chinese avatar. He wants to cook Chinese food for Anita and takes Angoori’s help. Vibhuti tells Tiwari that he is doing wrong and gives an open challenge. Anita likes the Chinese food and gets glad seeing Tiwari’s look. Angoori is the simple wife who does not know anything what Tiwari does. She blindly believes her husband.

A new entry Pammi Leone has come in the show. Pammi has extreme charm and has made all the men her fans. She is very beautiful and everyone got mad about her. The guys follow her and wish to get her. Anita and Angoori see Pammi are get worried. Vibhuti gets a selfie clicked with Pammi. Anita sees this and does not know how Pammi is making everyone mad. Angoori and Anita feel insecure. Vibhuti did not forget Angoori and goes to her. He ignores Pammi and helps Angoori in getting her shopping bags. Tiwari wants Anita to see Vibhuti with Pammi so that he gets his way cleared. Pammi finds Vibhuti not paying attention to her. She tries to make Vibhuti and Tiwari dance on her fingers. Will Anita and Angoori know the reason of Pammi’s entry in their locality? Keep reading.





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