Dadi’s new-sweet avatar to have many shades in Suhani Si…



Suhani and Yuvraaj dance in the sangeet, along Soumya and Krishna. All the couples dance along Dadi and are very happy to see Dadi’s new avatar for the first time. Suhani and the entire family are happy. Suhani’s mehendi comes next. Pratima prepares mehendi for Suhani and asks Sharad to take it to Suhani’s home. Snoopi gets some garlands and Dadi drops the mehendi bowl. Yuvraaj asks the family not to worry. Dadi says she will get new one and sends another mehendi for Suhani. Suhani applies the mehendi and gets rashes on her hands. The doctor comes to check Suhani and asks her to take care of her allergic. The doctor tells about the faulty mehendi which had some chemicals in it. Yuvraaj gets puzzled as Dadi has sent this mehendi and does not know whats happening. Soon, the big twist will be coming to shake Suhani’s happiness.

Suhani’s haldi ceremony is done at her home. Pratima applies haldi to her and hugs her happily. Mehendi, sangeet and haldi are done, and now the marriage function will be next in the show. Suhani gets Rags’ taunts. Rags tells that Suhani will always be dull and dark, even after the haldi is applied to her. Rags says Suhani’s face can never glow and insults her. Dadi scolds Rags and asks how dare she talk to Suhani like this. Dadi raises hand to slap Rags. Everyone stop Dadi and get glad seeing her supporting Suhani. Did Dadi really change or playing a new game against Suhani? Keep reading.



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