Kishore and Roshni to save Leela hospital and Rajat’s dream….

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Malhotra has cleverly framed Roshni in home minister Shrikant’s father’s death. Roshni has got arrested even when she was not at fault, as Malhotra has bribed the lab technician to make wrong post mortem report. Kishore gets to know the entire truth from Roshni and gets to the root. Ansal gets worried that Kishore got fine and back in good form to protect Leela hospital again. Kishore turns a savior for Roshni and also clears the image of Leela’s hospital. Rajat tells Mona that Roshni is more important to him than Leela hospital and wishes to meet her in the police station. Mona stops Rajat asking him to be practical and think of saving Leela hospital’s image. Rajat gets restless seeing Roshni behind bars and gets his anger out on Dr. Sameer. Malhotra and Ansal are glad that their only thorn Roshni is out of Leela hospital now.

Dr. Sameer makes Malhotra confess his mistake and rescues Dr. Roshi, while Kishore finds out about someone sabotaging Leela hospital. Kishore stands by Roshni and gets her free by getting her name cleared. Kishore tells the family to get careful to know their hidden enemy, who is harming them being a part of Leela hospital. Sharad sees Rajat angry over the matter and feels insecure over his collaboration with Ansal. Kishore joins Leela and convinces Vasundara and Anand to join him, so that they can save Rajat’s dream. Kishore has complete trust in Rajat and wants to secure Rajat from their enemies. Will Roshni find out about Sharad being the backstabber in their lives? Keep reading.






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