Shikhar unites Ranvir and Ishani and bids adieu…

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Shikhar unites Ishani and Ranvir. He asks them to make a new start and bids adieu from their lives. Shikhar has become a connecting link between them. Ishani and Ranvir start arguing in the court. They have a cute fight and blame each other for doing stupidity of divorce. The judge asks them to get silent. Shikhar pleads for their divorce to get remarried again.

Ishani’s life is getting happiness after six months. Ranvir and Ishani have united. Amba does the aarti and welcomes them home. She hugs Ishani and is glad to have her. Ishani hugs Baa and her family. Amba gets Ranvir and Ishani inside home with all the warmth. Finally, the day was come for Ishani to get grah pravesh. Ishani has risked her life and saved Ranvir and the family. She has won Amba’s heart and declared that she will get Ranvir and Ishani married. Amba says she will make all her dreams come true for her son’s marriage. Ishani’s look will be changed after the leap. Hope this time Ishani and Ranvir have a peaceful marriage with fewer twists.





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