Mamta attempts to separate Dylan and Debjani…



Binny tells Dabbu that Dylan does not have emotions or concern for Dabbu. He does not connect with the family members. Dabbu gets irked and starts doubting on Dylan for being in touch with his ex GF Mahima. Dylan and Dabbu starts getting distanced by Mamta’s plan to separate them. Mamta is against Dylan since he came to stay with them and gave idea of having a live-in with Dabbu. Mamta decides to make Dylan leave from their home by doing anything.


Dabbu does not know Dylan is helping Chandi’s love story with Rajveer. Chandi gets a heartbreak after meeting Rajveer’s wife Kajal. Dylan pacifies Chandi and thinks to do something, after knowing Chandi and Rajveer have mutual feelings. Binny also falls in trouble when Vicky lands home to snatch the kids against Binny’s wish. Dylan stops Vicky. Would Binny change her opinion about Dylan and give her nod for Dabbu and Dylan’s relation? Will Dabbu find out Dylan’s help for Chandi? Keep reading.


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