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Since the day YHM has started, it has become our one chamber of heart. But we are really disappointed with the upcoming tracks like surrogacy?? What is the need? If Ishita is infertile then miracle should be shown as it’s a fiction show. When they can show any impossible track, why can’t they show any good prosperous track like Ishita getting pregnant… or else Raman and Ishita can adopt a child ….but surrogacy isn’t needed just to satisfy that that would be Ishra child genetically. Ishita will not be able to feel the baby development emotions and would just have genes related with the baby.


Upcoming tracks showing Shagun and Raman are bad. Ashok playing cheap tricks to kill Ishita drives another unwanted track. Raman and Shagun are getting closer by ending all old enmity and bad past. I mean what they want to show Raman having a wife is still stuck with ex wife, does that mean Raman is ready to forget everything? Ekta is making show improper, not aesthetic… its better to end this track in YHM.

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  1. Ya really .. It’s the correct time to end the show.. Otherwise yhm will also become a very serial..like saathiya .. The essence of the serial will forget .. And viewers only remember it as a boring serial.. End the show

  2. i have stopped watching this serial because it have become really very boring and i can’t stand it that Ashok instead of him being exposed is still playing some dirty tricks on the bhalla family, this show have become really very boring please end this show if the writers have no other track to show.

  3. I love this show, but realy disappointed with the currunt track, come on guys I’m sure you can turn it around, if you can’t then best to just end it instead of losing viewers and the shows repatastion.

  4. Actually I do agree with everything said. I really love yhm and always love to watch it because of its uniqueness and love. Raman and Shagun patching up again by being friends forgetting the past seems like questioning the relationship between Raman and ishitha. This gives a doubtful msg that what ever it is Shagun remains the mother of raman’s children and is always at least one step above ishitha. I find raman caring more for Shagun than for ishitha. The surrogacy track is definitely an unwanted track. The root cause for an ishra baby is to make ishu feel the motherhood during pregnancy. Having adi and ruhi and again a baby through a surrogate mother will remain the same .There’s no difference in it. It’s would be just genetically. I think that there’s more interesting tracks to be shown in yhm than these disgusting unwanted ones. Please change this track or else give a happy ending to the show without spoiling the characters as by now most fans hate raman.

  5. The writers are behaving like bulls in a china shop. They have destroyed the love–unconditional love Ruhi and Ishita share, the so called mature love that comes with time and experience between Raman and Ishita, and the beautiful web spun around these three. The surrogacy track is the height of stupidity. they have not done their homework on surrogacy properly otherwise the haste with which Shagun becomes the surrogate mother would not have happened. even if it is a serial and fictional, when you introduce issues plaguing the society, research should be done. I find that there is no closure to any of the issues raised by the writers.— domestic violence, marital rape, adulteration, trying to kill children, plot to murder Ishita– all are dangling in thin aie. Infertility—bingo–surrogacy is the answer. They showed Ishita and Raman going for consultation where the Dr. says more tests are required, and then the problem of her weak uterus comes up, and suddenly Matha Rani ki krupa say she gets pregnant. to drag the story further they kill the baby and introduce the surrogacy track, where Raman’s character is a mockery. The creative heads have to own up to the fall in TRP of YHM. They have killed it like how they butchered the unborn baby of Ishita and Raman. to make up for it they will make Shagun to carry the baby. SICK.


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