Viplav to realize his feelings for Dhaani; to give name to his love….



Dhaani scolds Viplav for putting red clothes on her, knowing she is a widow. She calls him a devil and gets angry on him for changing her clothes. Viplav realizes to hold some feelings for Dhaani which are slowly growing in his heart. He breaks his engagement. Viplav’s mum Kanak beats Dhaani in the middle of the market. Kanak scolds Dhaani blaming for her bad character to trap her son. Dhaani is helpless and is getting punished for the crime she did not do. Viplav’s mum pulls Dhaani’s hair and beats her. She humiliates Dhaani infront of everyone. The people look on silently.

Durga comes to Dhaani’s rescue being unable to bear the ill treatment. She saves Dhaani from Kanak. She stands against Kanak and goes to slap her. Kanak holds Durga’s hand and they both get into an argument. Viplav has broken his engagement with Tania. Tania got heartbroken seeing Viplav and Dhaani at the ghat in awkward situation. Tripurari manages the situation to help Dasharath but his mother Durga helps Dhaani. Viplav realizes his love for Dhaani and breaks engagement, thus annoying Dasharath. Viplav recalls Dhaani calling him a devil and misunderstanding him. He realizes Dhaani felt her respect was at stake and decides to give their relation a name. Will Dasharath and Kanak accept Viplav’s decision? Keep reading.


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