Sarojini faces tough times; More drama to add up by Dushyant

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Somendra and Sarojini are asked not to meet till some rituals and puja are done. Somendra was falling from the stairs and Sarojini saves him. She helps Somendra and Dushyant scolds her for breaking the old traditions of seeing her husband before completing the rituals. Dushyant gives a long note on his rules and punishes Sarojini. Dushyant orders Sarojini to walk on hot coal as her Agnipariksha. Sarojini walks on hot coal and gets her feet hurt to prove her innocence. The ladies of the home do not have courage to go against Dushyant and become silent watches of Sarojini’s pain.

Sasumaa troubles Sarojini just the moment she lands up in her sasural. Sarojini is repenting to come to her sasural, and her inlaws are troubling her much. Dadi asks Sarojini to wash the clothes. Sarojini is made to do all the house hold works and everyone acts rudely with her. Dushyant asks her to walk on the hot coal and says it is a ritual to prove her purity. Sarojini hopes Somendra help her, but he is helpless. Somendra feels that it is time for Sarojini to manage on her own. How will Sarojini manage without any support? Keep reading.





2 responses to “Sarojini faces tough times; More drama to add up by Dushyant”

  1. uma sumun Avatar

    you fucing backward people .iS that all you can portrait in your soaps humiliation of women

    1. xavier Avatar

      exactly.. this show is disgusting .. they make feel to puke.. f**k.. i dont ever watch this shit show.. such a damn domestic violence soap show.. SHAME on you crazy writers.. you need some help .. ! MENTAL HELP ! ASAP !

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