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Maharana Pratap: Pratap will be marrying Phool Kanwal. She is the childhood friend of Ajabde and Pratap.

YHM: Rinki will be murdered in the show, and the blame would be on Ishita, which breaks the Bhalla family.

Jamai Raja: DD gets a shock after a DVD plays in the party, which shows a photo of Shiv with his second wife and daughters.

Thapki Pyaar Ki: Bihaan and Thapki take the idol for Visarjan. Guru Maa takes the idol and does the aarti. Bihaan and Thapki stay annoyed and do aarti together to look a couple infront of Guru Maa. All the rituals for the Visarjan is done, and everyone say their wishes to the Ganpati.

IKNMP: Neil and Ragini celebrate Janmashtami. Pam and Ragini wear Maharastian attire as per the kids’ request. They hope Nivedita does not create any rift, as she comes uninvited.

Mere Angne Mein: Shivam takes Riya’s side over Kaushalya, which creates a huge rift between them. They are unaware of Shanti being the root cause of all the troubles.

IKRS: Viplav apologizes to Dhaani and waits for right time to confess his love. Dulaari beats up Dhaani.

MATSH: . Ishani does not know about the secret of Ranvir’s childhood and now she will try to find out about the big incident happened with Ranvir.

YRKKH: Gayu frames Sameer for beating her and lies to the family, having hatred for Sameer. Devyaani blames Akshara responsible for favoring Sameer and Rashmi’s relation. Akshara will be trapped in a conspiracy.

ETRETR: The British general misbehaves with Gayatri. This makes Rana ji furious and he challenges the Britisher to have a sword fight. Rana ji wins in the sword fight and makes the Britisher apologize to Gayatri.

Saathiya: Gaura thinks that she has fulfilled her motive and thinks to shock Kokila with her truth. She reveals truth about her brother’s death and tells about her revengeful motive.

Udaan: The story will be shifting back to Aazaadgunj and will unfold a new track of Amma ji’s related to Aazaadgunj and Bhaiya ji.

Tere Sheher Mein: Amaya and Rama will be performing in Maha utsav and doing RamLeela act by their classical dance.

Mohi: Vinay visits Ayush’s place and meets Mohi from Bhuvana. His old past linked with Bhuvana will be revealed in the show.

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