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Indravati is the trapped soul in the painting which is brought in Simar’s house. Simar gets tensed when she comes to know that Indravati is freed from the painting. Indravati starts dancing shocking everyone. She tries to trap Prem and Sanjana in her Moh Jaal. Simar doesn’t know how to save her family, but will soon find an idea to save her family with the new trouble of bad soul.


Mihika shoots pistol during playing balloon game at the mela. Ishita reaches the mela and Rinki’s boyfriend lies to her showing Rinki’s messages for him. Rinki’s BF has done conspiracy against Rinki and confuses Ishita with his lies. Mihika targets the balloon and fires the pistol oblivious to the fact that it was fake pistol. Rinki was hiding behind the balloon game board and gets shot. Rinki’s boyfriend knows all and is mastermind of the conspiracy. He wanted to kill Rinki through Mihika and got successful. Rinki feels pain after she gets shot. Mihika is still oblivious and thinks she has hit the balloon. There is possibility that if Rinki dies, then Mihika will marry Mihir in the show.


It is tough time for Sarojini once again. Sarojini feels itching as she wore saree with itching powder sprayed on it. It is done by her Jethani. Somendra comes to her help. Sarojini applies cow’s dung on her body to get rid of itching, but still she feels itching. Dada ji suggests her to take bath, and she gets up to go to her room, but falls down. Sarojini thinks she has a tough time unless Somendra stands up for her.

Suryaputra Karn:

Gautam Rode will be playing Karn in Suryaputra Karn and is replacing Aditya at the last moment. Gautam says it is something new and challenging for him. He says Karn’s character is very interesting as he is the greatest warrior. Soon the show leap will be taking a leap and the teenager Karn will be shown as all grown up, strongest and handsome man.


Vibhuti and Tiwari play gambling with friends. Tiwari thinks to take revenge on Vibhuti and thought of this game. Vibhuti wins at first, and then he loses. Tiwari ji got successful and he made him his servant. Angoori does not know the servant is actually Vibhuti. Vibhuti has lost in the gambling. Angoori scolds the servant and throws dirty things on the floor. She makes Vibhuti clean the floor. Vibhuti hides his identity from Angoori. Angoori troubles him saying Bhaiya. When she calls him Bhaiya again and again. Vibhuti speaks out that he is not any Bhaiya, and shows his face. Vibhuti does not fall in Angoori’s eyes. Tiwari enjoys seeing Vibhuti as his servant. Vibhuti ji will take revenge from Tiwari in next track.


Gopi can’t see anyone insulting Kokila. Gaura pushes Kokila, while Kokila was apologizing to Gaura. Gaura kicks Kokila down. Gopi then pushes Gaura and says she will not leave Gaura, if she insults Kokila. She says Kokila has given so much love and respect to Gaura, and if Gaura points finger at Kokila, Gopi will break her hand. Dharam gets angry on Gopi and Ahem stops Dharam. Gopi says you have to face me to reach Kokila, if anything happens to Kokila, I will not leave you. Gopi has given the final warning to Gaura. Gopi cries for Kokila, as Gaurab has ruined Kokila’s self respect and shattered her trust. Meera comes and asks Kokila to leave from her inlaws. Kokila says this place is not safe for you and asks her to come along. Ahem asks Meera to come with them. Meera kicks them out and shuts the door. Ahem yells on Meera for supporting Gaura and Dharam.


Sandhya is trying her best to save the country. She is ready to sacrifice her life. She is tied to the ropes and dragged in the court to humiliate her. Sandhya is tied and then put inside the walls. Shekhar tells her this punishment will be a lesson for all police officers. Sooraj reaches Garjana village and is there to do his responsibility related to the marriage vow that he will always support her. Sooraj comes there and sees the walls. He senses Sandhya there and gets one brick loose. He removes the brick and sees Sandhya. They hold hands and Sandhya cries. Sooraj breaks the walls and cries failing to get Sandhya. Shekhar takes Sandhya away from there. Himanshu will be coming back in the track, who will be troubling Sandhya. There will be big fight sequence between Sandhya and Himanshu, after which Sandhya and Sooraj will unite. As for now, the separation track will go on.


Rashmi’s mehendi is done and Rashmi gets Sameer’s name in her hands. Akshara applies mehendi to Rashmi with all the love and blessings for a good future. Gayu spoils Rashmi’s mehendi intentionally, as Gayu falls while dancing and Rashmi went to hold her. Everyone say its abshagun in mehendi. Gayu will try her best to stop this marriage, so that she does not have to share her mum’s love with Sameer. Akshara will be explaining Gayu in time and get Rashmi and Sameer married.


Ragini says she convinced the family for Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage to expose them, now they are going against her. She has laid many plans to fail Swara. Sanskaar has kidnapped Laksh after seeing his Ragini’s truth did not come out in Laksh’s eyes. He wants to trouble Ragini now to see whether her so called love is actually true or not. Sanskaar is doing this to target Ragini. Laksh is in bad state and Ragini sees the video where Laksh is tied to the chair. Sanskaar did not ask Swara to expose Ragini by doing wrong. Swara also gets worried seeing the video. Swara will fight with Sanskaar for doing wrong with Laksh.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dabbu and Dylan have got the approval of both families for their marriage, as Dylan changed his live in decision into marriage. Mamta is very happy knowing Dylan’s marriage decision and gets to know his commitment phobia cause. Dylan tells them about his dad whom he hates the most. Juliet insists Dylan to invite his dad in his marriage. Dylan and his dad don’t get along well. Aseem will be returning in the show to add some spice and twists in Dylan and Dabbu’s marriage. His evil plots will be failed by Dylan’s dad, and this Aseem will be responsible to unite Dylan and his father unknowingly.


  1. Where this yhm going… Sometimes they show abhiahek and mihika and now mihjr and mihika.. Boring serial.. End this serial..yhm and kukkumbagaya… start something new… This ekta is really … In nach baliye 7 she made chetan bhagt as judge and after that he started judging evere nonsense outside…I was shocked to hear he criticized one rank one pension.. Stupidity
    . …

    • @Ishra: Everyone has their own freedom of speech. If you don’t like comment please ignore but don’t anyone to like what you like and hate what you hate….Rather keep your view saying you like it. End of matter — Point.

  2. Ishra.. I used to watch yhm regularly.. But now a days .. It’s really boring.. Rinky murder and mihika will kill her.. Iahita surroganvy.. By looking this bakwaas twists.. It started could have ended in a happier way… Than this unnecessary twists..

  3. Ya.. I also agree with u ishra… This serial was awesome initially . but now a days it is boring..really it could have ended in a happier way…but these serials are best than mere angan mein .. So much abusee of women.. No human values in if.. Ishra…do u like mere angan mein too..

  4. Instead of badmateez dil going solo in hotstar. Mere agna mein can go. Worst serial always saas bahu fght supportg daughter on one side other side spoilg owwn son s family becoz of dauggter esp tht rakhi scenes worst

  5. In which generation the writers of mere angan mein are living..? Bakwaas serial never seen in starplus.. Such a pathetic show really…


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