Dushyant gets another bride for Somendra; Sarojini to add more twists

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It is tough time for Sarojini once again. Sarojini feels itching as she wore saree with itching powder sprayed on it. It is done by her Jethani. Somendra comes to her help. Sarojini applies cow’s dung on her body to get rid of itching, but still she feels itching. Dada ji suggests her to take bath, and she gets up to go to her room, but falls down. Sarojini thinks she has a tough time unless Somendra stands up for her.

Sarojini goes to change and apply sindoor. She gets ready as a bride again, as she would be meeting Somendra today. The sindoor box falls and she gets worried for Somendra. Another problem arises for Sarojini, as she has got her Sautan. Somendra can’t have any girlfriend. This is Dushyant’s plan to trouble Sarojini. Manisha comes in the bridal dress and jewelry. Manisha has come by fool proof plans. There will be many twists and chaos in this marriage. Keep reading.





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