Mihir lands in lockup to save Mihika; Shagun defends Mihir


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While Ishita has hidden about Rinki’s affair from the family, she wanted to tell Raman about Mihir’s stay in Delhi. Raman gets to know this from Pathak and yells on Mihir. He feels Mihir has given this return for all the love and concern Raman had for him all these years. Raman gets shattered saying he could not take care of his little sister, as Rinki was like a child for him. Raman feels a failed brother and scolds Mihir for his deceive. He wants Mihir to give an explanation. Mihir’s silence makes the family suspicious. Ishita and Mihika try to know what big thing is Mihir hiding.

Everyone suspect Mihir to be responsible for Rinki’s death. Raman beats up Mihir and tries seeking an answer. Mihir does not answer anyone and is taken by Abhishek for interrogation in police station. Shagun gets to know about this entire story. Surrogacy procedure with Shagun gets successful. Mihir lands in lockup and gets in bad state. Shagun requests Raman to free Mihir from jail. She gets panicking and defends Mihir. Raman gets worried for Shagun’s health and does not know what to do. Manoj pacifies Shagun and suggests Raman to agree with Shagun. Mihir lies to the family to hide the fact of Mihika mistakenly shooting Rinki. Mihir does everything to save Mihika. Will Mihika and Mihir get married by these changes? Would Raman know Kumar’s manipulations in Rinki’s murder case? Keep reading.



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