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Median zing spoilers



Gaura slaps Meera and asks how dare you. Meera asks her to leave her hand. Shravan asks Gaura to leave Meera. Dharm asks if he is getting concerned for his step mum. Gaura says whoever shows ego infront of me, have to bear this and pulls her hairs. Meera’s life has been ruined as Gaura is torturing Meera. It is actually Meera and Gaura’s conspiracy behind this act. Meera wants Vidya to come back as her motive to become Vidya’s saas has failed as Vidya left Gaura’s house. She thinks Vidya will come back seeing her sister being tortured. Gopi warns Gaura and threatens to break her daughters marriages. Vidya decides to go back to her inlaws for Meera’s sake. Gopi and Kokila support her, and cry being helpless. Gopi gives a Kanha idol to Vidya before sending her to Shravan’s house.


Swara and Sanskar got married after waiting for Laksh to come and stop their marriage. Ragini’s plan got successful and they didn’t have any other option to skip the marriage. While taking the pheras, they pray that Laksh comes and stops the wedding, but Laksh didn’t come and marriage happens. Even Sujata tries to stop the wedding and gets unwell seeing them married. Sanskar makes her drink water. Swara looks on dressed as a bride.

Bhabhi ji GPH:

A run away thief comes to Tiwari and Angoori’s house, and threatens them with pistol. He is asking them to do as he says. He beats up Tiwari ji being very dangerous. Angori calls Bhai to the thief, but Tiwari ji says he couldn’t become his jija. Tiwari and Angoori are get busy in dealing with the thief.


Rashmi gets married to Sameer in the temple while their family are busy fighting. Sameer is happy That Rashmi believed him, and takes a stand against their families. Gayu did conspiracy to stop the wedding, but she realized her mistake and tries to stop Sameer. They come to know that Sameer is in temple and go there. They see them married and decides to get them married with all the rituals after 5 days.


Shanti comes to Riya and asks her not to fight with her mum in law Kaushalya. She acts good with Riya. She sees Riya’s Nanand Nimmi coming there and starts acting creating a dramatic scene. Nimmi hears them conversing and thinks Riya is against Kaushalya. Nimmi feels bad and argues with Riya. Riya thinks where is she trapped? Riya feels she did mistake to marry in this house.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Bihaan fight with each other. Bihaan gets a shirt gifted by Vasundara and is excited to wear it. Bihaan asks Thapki what she is doing and sees her putting Paneer on his shirt. He says this shirt is given to me by mum. It is actually a conspiracy of her Jethani and all the family members leave them alone at home. Preeti replaces the shirt by another one. They want Thapki and Bihaan to be together and fall in love soon. Thapki goes to cook the food on the old traditional stove. Bihaan gives the cow a bath and gets busy to avoid Thapki. Thapki is making Chinese food for Dadi and finds hard to cook, being unable to ignite the fire. Bihaan cuts the grass and feeds the cow. He mixes the cow feed by his hands and talks to the cow. He complains about Thapki and the cow nods agreeing to Bihaan.

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Sumit surprises Maya having her parents home. Maya’s parents turn up to meet them after a long time. Jasbir and Dolly do not get along well with them. Maya and Sumit arrange a special Japanese dinner for Maya’s parents in an elite restaurant. Sumit gets reluctant to take Dolly and Jasbir along. Dolly and Jasbir act silly and weird in front of Maya’s parents. Their funny behavior makes Sumit feel awkward. Maya and Sumit manage the situation.


Dhaani feels uncomfortable by Viplav’s modern mindset and radical behavior. Viplav takes the widows back to the ashram and they all get shocked seeing the ashram painted by bright colors. Dhaani scolds Viplav and explains him that colors are prohibited for the widows, and just life means just white for them. She gets fed up seeing Viplav’s mischief and plans to make him leave from the ashram. Viplav tells her that colors should be part of everyone’s life, even of widows, and he would not change himself and his behavior. Viplav and Dhaani’s nok jhok starts bonding them.


Siddhant has come back at home. He has started spying on Indravati. He goes to Indravati’s home and tries finding some pots. The pots fall and Siddhant has got free. Indravati is ruling the show as the Daayan now. Now Roli and others will be coming out of the mud pots soon.


Ranvir is becoming forgetting things and has got short term memory loss. Ranvir takes the medicines and requests Ishani to not annoy him more. She asks why did he eat so many tablets in one go, she has just asked him to have medicines on time. She is worried for his headache and irritation, he had many incidents which disturbed him. He is troubled as he is forgetting things and staying lost. She fights with him and then hugs him being concerned for him. She apologizes to him.

Maharana Pratap:

Kunwar Pratap is getting his Rajya Abhishek done. He lands in the palace and does Ganpati puja and Gau puja. The Rajya Abhishek starts and he sits on the throne. He is made to wear king’s grown and is applied a Raj Tilak. His mum gets glad seeing him on the throne. He has a big responsibility on him now. There will be many enemies dying in the Haldi Ghati battle.

KumKum Bhagya:

Aaliya has got slapped by Abhi once again. Aaliya has got slapped because of the demand draft, not the CD. Abhi does not know the complete truth. Aaliya is caught, but gets away from it. Aaliya sits on the bed and hides the CD under the mattress. Pragya asks Aaliya what’s under the mattress, which she is hiding and does not want Pragya to see. Aaliya asks her to leave her alone and not trouble her. Pragya gets suspicious and thinks to check after Aaliya leaves.


Gayatri is saddened and has left Rana ji’s palace. She has come back to her mum’s house. She hugs her mum and cries. Her mum does not know what really happened and understands there is some tension. Gayatri always has problems in her life according to her kundli. Her mum knows Gayatri has always accepted challenges and won, so she is confident that Gayatri will win over all the problems even this time.


Sharad and Bhavna have got married and now its turn for the Grah pravesh. This turns to different, as Bhavna and Sharad have their grah pravesh along her son Anant. They have come to Birla house. Rags does their aarti and grah pravesh rituals. A new problem has stood for Suhani and Yuvraaj, as Dadi is against this. There will be new twist in the show after Bhavna joins Birla family.



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