Viplav to add-up colors in Dhaani’s life in Ishq Ka…



Viplav wants to help the ashram widows and gets food grains for them. Dhaani does not accept his help and plans to send Viplav away. Dasharath continues to trouble the widows, while Viplav becomes their big support. Viplav brings the widows to the restaurant and wants to give them a special treat. He makes pest control done in the ashram and makes the widows stay in a hotel. Dhaani finds ways to avoid Viplav, and eventually gets closer to him. Viplav scares Dhaani of ghost and inturn gets scared seeing a cockroach. Dhaani scares Viplav showing the cockroach and laughs. Viplav sees a new cheerful side of Dhaani and asks her to keep smiling.

Dhaani feels uncomfortable by Viplav’s modern mindset and radical behavior. Viplav takes the widows back to the ashram and they all get shocked seeing the ashram painted by bright colors. Dhaani scolds Viplav and explains him that colors are prohibited for the widows, and just life means just white for them. She gets fed up seeing Viplav’s mischief and plans to make him leave from the ashram. Viplav tells her that colors should be part of everyone’s life, even of widows, and he would not change himself and his behavior. Viplav and Dhaani’s nok jhok starts bonding them. Keep reading.




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