Chakor attempts with fixated will to meet Kasturi…

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Chakor wants to know why Kusum hates her so much. Kusum gets sad that her crime has got more serious, as her Madam who was in coma has died. The blame turns true and Kusum gets punished for the Madam’s death. Kusum tells Chakor that she will kill her also if she irritates her more. Chakor prays to get off from the juvenile jail. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha get magician Badshah there. The jailer welcomes Badshah happily and organizes a magic show in the jail. Badshah shows the same limelight magic where he makes the kid disappear. Sunny and Soham put Chakor in the bog box to make her run away from the jail. Sunny tells Chakor that Kasturi is getting really ill.

Meanwhile, Bhagya meets Kasturi and Amma ji. Bhagya got to know Amma ji is actually Bhaiya ji’s sister Nayantara and wants to unite her Bua with their family. Bhagya requests Kasturi to eat some food and tries breaking her hunger strike. Amma ji tries to know her past. Bhagya decides to tell Amma ji all the truth. Bhaiya ji lands in the jail to meet the jailer and Chakor gets shocked seeing him. Will Bhaiya ji spot Chakor and harm her? Will Amma ji succeed in finding her past? Keep reading.





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