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The current set of events feel quite offbeat to me, including many viewers. Lakshmi and Samar are set to be engaged but suddenly, Lakshmi is somewhat confused about whether she really wants to get engaged to Samar or not? Each to their own, I cannot comprehend the reason behind this sudden change of heart. She feels she is burdened by everything Karan has done for her but all this time she considered him to be her friend. Karan is a great guy whatsoever, but just because he loves her doesn’t mean she has to reciprocate. Karan and Lakshmi could have just remained good friends, is it too hypothetical a concept that two people remain good friends, one or the other has to fall in love?

Lakshmi has always loved Samar and even before she actually knew him, her ultimate goal was to become the actress opposite Samar Sareen. Clearly her goal to become an actress has ultimately been sidelined by the writers, but the least they could do was keep Samar and Lakshmi together. It was always about Samar and Lakshmi from the beginning, be it promos or interviews. Clearly it needs to be understood that anyone who has been watching solely for those two will not appreciate Karan-Lakshmi instead. Sometimes they need to think beyond trps and popularity and be a little logical. Is love that shallow or fragile? Karan is a great friend to have; he clearly looked like he was moving on despite Lakshmi not loving him back.

I am in no way hating on Karan, he’s done quite for Lakshmi but having said that, if the makers go ahead and get Karan-Lakshmi together, they will lose the followers of the show who were watching solely for Samar and Lakshmi since the very beginning. This might be a great news for viewers who wanted Karan and Lakshmi to be together but for SaMi fans, including myself, this might as well just be the end of the road. One can only hope that this is just in the mind and the makers will ultimately unite Samar and Lakshmi.

TR would like to thank Team DG for the wonderful input and clear distinct views on the show’s ongoing track.

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  1. i have already stopped watching the show because of lakshmi’s confusion……only following those written updates. is laxmi a teenager? no, right? she is well matured to differentiate love and sympathy. she has sympathy for karan, not love…can’t she understand that? its better if the cvs focus on samar-laxmi and also exposure of ayesha infront of the public….then alone, laxmi can get back to her dreams

  2. Megha Gupta as Aarti (After Surgery) , megha ko jenifer say replace kar dena chiay is liya k ayesha megha say nahi milti hai zara c bhi or na hi wo shradha jesi haseen hai haan shradha ka face or body os ka figer jenifer say milta hoa hai , plz drama kharab na karein or megha ko hata dein wo bohat zada bari lag rahi hia

  3. Megha Gupta as Aarti (After Surgery) plzzzzz is ko hata k jenifer ko lein , wo ayesha say milti hoi hai os k body os ki khubsurti , megha zara bhi acha nahi lag rahi hai plzzzzz darma kharab nakarein


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