Chakor to win marathon race; Family gets against Bhaiya ji…


Chakor the lead protagonist in Udaan

Nayantara wants to stay back in Aazaadgunj. She knows she is related to the village and also Baa. While Baa is concerned for Nayantara’s safety, she prefers to send Nayantara back to Mumbai. Baa does not want Bhaiya ji to spot his sister. Vivaan and Bhagya ask Baa to have courage and accept Nayantara. They encourage Baa to take a stand for her daughter and offers support to Baa. Baa recalls Chakor and decides to bring Nayantara back to haveli. Tejaswini and Ranjana also support Baa and Nayantara, to end Bhaiya ji’s rule in Aazaadgunj.


Chakor does not run from the jail seeing Kusum running along her. Chakor feels if she runs away, the criminal will also get a chance to avoid punishment. Bhaiya ji meets Chakor and offers her a deal to clear his name from kids organ racket case and get freedom. He tells her that he will set her free to meet Kasturi. Chakor refuses to his deal to get him punished by law. She then returns back to jail hoping for some miracle. The jailer gets a chance to get famous and wants the racing stars Kusum and Chakor to participate in the marathon. He tells them that only the victory in marathon can make them achieve freedom. Chakor gets determined to run and get freed from jail. She recalls Kasturi waiting for her in Aazaadgunj. Chakor will run in the race marathon and win the race to get freedom from the jail. Keep reading.


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