Sooraj and Sandhya succeed in Mission Mahabali…

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sandhya dabh

Finding Sandhya is Sooraj’s ultimate mission. He comes to the place where Sandhya is held captive. All the goons were dancing on the song with a dancer. Sooraj makes them get busy in dance and try to find clue leading him to Sandhya. This is his new trick wherein he added medicine in the sweets making them subconscious and losing their mind for time being. Sooraj then get clues to find Sandhya and gets success in his mission. Sandhya tells him about the remote, which is the only way to stop the nuclear attack. She is unknown to the powers her hand possess.

Sooraj succeeds in freeing Sandhya. They come to a junk storage house and they try to find the remote of the nuclear bomb. Garjana has made the bomb and Sandhya had thrown the bomb before getting caught. They get the remote in the junk items. Sooraj is glad that his wish to get his wife has fulfilled. Sooraj now wants to fulfill Sandhya’s wish to defuse the nuclear bomb and secure the country being a dutiful police officer. Sandhya has courage and is finding the bomb in the hunger struck state. Sandhya tells Sooraj about defusing the bomb soon, before Pushkar gets affected. Sooraj and Sandhya succeed in Mission Mahabali. What awaits them back home? Keep reading.





7 responses to “Sooraj and Sandhya succeed in Mission Mahabali…”

  1. Shaki Avatar

    All the best suraj-sandhya.

  2. lolly Avatar

    This show has been one the oldest show in starplus. I don’t see any reason why himasur should come back to the movies and beside the way you drags things in this show make boring. For instance during the. Time of plane hijack,it took good 5week to get those terrorist arrested . Same thing this mission is taken like 5weeks now and yet to end. So if you want make viewer enjoy this show don’t dragging any event for too long

    1. falguni Avatar


  3. lolly Avatar

    Stop dragging event in. This movie for make it boring, what is the purpose of bringing himashau back into the movies. Why?just to drag the mission,after using like 5weeks for the same mission. It does not make sense,Lt makes it boring.

  4. sai Avatar

    its not boring!but suraj shouldnot die!

  5. keisha Avatar

    Wow amazing show really enjoying every bit of it all the best sandhya and sooraj you guys have being through worse nothing is impossible now day by day its getting more intresting …

  6. sainaba.vop Avatar

    I only read the updates of this serial

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