Titu and Panchi to get justice for deceased actress…


tu mera23

Titu helps director Sandeep unknowingly of his lies. Panchi tells Titu not to help anyone without knowing all details. Titu lands in the big problem, when Sandeep puts his affair blame on Titu. The staff also agrees with Sandeep, as Sandeep bribes everyone. Panchi gets shocked knowing about Titu’s affair with heroine Preeti. She trusts Titu, but also realized Titu is badly stuck. Preeti commits suicide and dies. Chitra thinks Sandeep did not cheat on her. Titu fails to prove his innocence as all the evidence is against him. Panchi explains Titu that he should help only right people and not blindly trust anyone. Now Titu has to prove his innocence and also prove Sandeep’s involvement with Preeti.


The Agarwal family get a big shock when Panchi’s father Kamlesh comes home to arrest Titu for cheating Preeti and provoking her to commit suicide. Titu and his family worries. Titu gets an idea to expose Sandeep in Chitra’s eyes and also get justice for deceased Preeti. They get to know about Sandeep meeting some people. Govind gets dressed as a Sheikh. Titu and Panchi do the belly dancing. Titu has become a female dancer to expose Sandeep. Govind supports them. Titu will be proving Sandeep’s affair in next track. Keep reading.


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