Laxmi’s impulsive decision to bring big twists in Dream Girl…

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Laxmi does not succeed in explaining her heart about her love for Samar. She feels bad for Karan, seeing him sacrificing his happiness and still uniting Samar and her. Though Karan looks deserving to her, Karan explains her what all Samar did for her till date. Laxmi gets confused to choose her life partner. Ayesha gets the girl back home and locks her again, while the girl attacks the caretaker. Ayesha feels the need of time to tackle the problem while keeping family busy in engagement event. Ayesha gets to know about Laxmi’s dilemma and brainwashes her more, speaking about Karan’s fate all the while. Laxmi does not want Karan to get loser tag and sympathizes more with him. Laxmi felt Samar’s absence in the engagement preparations, unknowing to the truth that Samar was busy in following Ayesha to be alert of Ayesha’s evil plans. Samar wanted to secure Laxmi during the engagement.

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Ayesha provokes Laxmi to understand her feelings for Karan is love and not pity. Laxmi tries calling Samar to have a talk with him, and fails. Karan keeps Samar busy and does not make Laxmi and Samar talk. Karan keeps a bachelor’s party for Samar. Laxmi fails to reach Samar and engagement day arrives. Laxmi decides to cancel the engagement having an impulsive reaction over her confused feelings. Ayesha tries to hide her problem and wants family to deal with heartbroken Samar. How will Samar and his family react to Laxmi’s decision? Will Samar be able to convince Laxmi and get ahead with engagement? Keep reading.





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  1. TeamDG Avatar

    The most bizarre track to have ever existed. So disappointed

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