Randhir plans a romantic-secret-surprise date for Sanyukta in Sadda Haq…

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sadda haq

Sanyukta is let down by Randhir for not being to fulfill his tasks. She gets disheartened and argues with Randhir. She does not succeed in operating the machines in the lab. She gets furious and punishes Randhir kicking him out of the lab. She wants her Dream Team to be the best. Ranawat gets angry seeing Sanyukta and Randhir not working hard as a team. He scolds Sanyukta for failing to lead the Dream Team. Sanyukta has many responsibilities as the captain of the team. She punishes Randhir to wear a pink t-shirt. She wants to make him learn a lesson for his careless behavior. Randhir wears the pink t-shirt and gets angry seeing others joking on his clothing. This upsets Randhir and he tears his pink tee pics pasted on the walls.

Later, Sanyukta realizes she was very harsh on Randhir and has hurt his feelings. She meets Randhir in his room. She surprises Randhir and apologizes to him. Randhir and Sanyukta apologize to each other for their rude behavior. Randhir decorates the laboratory and plans a secret date with Sanyukta. They both try to make up for their past arguments and annoyance. Watch out for some romantic moments between Randhir and Sankyukta… Keep reading.





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