Robbery blame on Dhaani; Viplav to expose Tulsi…



Tulsi has come in the ashram. She is the drama queen who wins everyone’s heart by talking sugary and doing all the ashram work. Viplav gets suspicious seeing her going out at night. Tulsi makes an excuse of sleepwalking. Tulsi cries and fools everyone by her innocent face. Dhaani trusts Tulsi and sympathizes with her. Tulsi is a gangster, who has come to rob the jewelry. Dhaani takes Kada for Tulsi, knowing Tulsi is unwell. Tulsi makes excuses and does not drink it. Tulsi talks on mobile and Dhaani hears her. Dhaani does not understand Tulsi’s plan.

The new widow Tulsi gets doubted by everyone as they find a gold coin with her. Tulsi defends herself well. Viplav gets suspicious about Tulsi’s behavior as she tends to appear the most cheerful yet helpless widow. Tulsi then acts sweet and visits temple with the widows. She fools Dhaani and uses her to reach the idol. Tulsi steals the Lord idol jewelry and donation box cash. She runs away and hides the jewelry. She rotates the story and puts the entire robbery blame comes on Dhaani. Viplav will be exposing Tulsi and this twist to save Dhaani’s reputation and clearing her name from robbery blame will surely get Viplav and Dhaani together. Keep reading.




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