Revenge drama to get high in Saathiya…



Dharam insults Ahem and pulls the chair while he was sitting. Gaura makes the servant sit on the chair and says they value their servant more than Ahem. Gaura, Dharam and Ahem get into a heated argument. Vidya gets the Lord’s chowki and makes Ahem sit. She says her dad is also like her Lord and gives respect to Ahem. Vidya saves Ahem’s respect and acts like Gopi. Meera does not react seeing Ahem in trouble. Gaura emotionally blackmails Meera, so that she does not melt seeing Ahem. She provokes Meera against Ahem that he is supporting Vidya.

Kokila and Gaura are having a war. Gaura acts like Chandi and takes a sword to sacrifice Meera. She looks terrible wearing a black saree and revengeful expressions. She brings Meera in Kali Mata temple and attacks on Meera to sacrifice her. She just wants revenge from Kokila. She is glad that Meera agrees to her all the time. Meera does not know Gaura is trapping her to sacrifice her. Vidya has come to save Meera, but Meera is foolish to not realize Vidya’s efforts to save her. Kokila gets Mata Durga idol at her home for Navratri puja. Kokila and Gopi bless Vidya to fight with Gaura and save Meera’s life. Kokila makes a good plan and prepares Vidya. Modi family does Navrathi Puja and are sad. Kokila thinks their family is in trouble always. She prays to God to do something and save her grand daughters. She is tensed. Kokila says Gaura is playing games with Meera and Vidya. Very soon God will show her the way to teach a lesson to Gaura. Keep reading.




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