Sophia and Yug to fall in trouble in Zindagi Abhi…

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Sophia gets replies to her love letter and thinks her long wish has been fulfilled. She reads the love letter happily thinking her prince charming has replied to her. She wishes to meet him and emails him. She is oblivious to the fact that the guy, she has been falling for is not her prince charming, but a villain. He is actually Ben, who was about to marry Amy, but Sophia exposes his true face, and breaks her sister’s alliance with him. Ben swears to ruin Sophia’s life and make her fall for him. When Sophia goes to meet her prince charming, she comes to know that that dad Peter has hired Yug as her driver. Yug drives Sophia’s car when she meets Ben. It is yet to be seen how Yug saves Sophia, and makes her fall for him.

Meanwhile, the Ghost/Palekar family get to know that Yug is not the one who called Tantrik in their house. They hear about Yug’s good thoughts about them and decide to let him stay in their house. Later on, Dadi will get angry with Radha for hiding the saree which she gifted her on many occasions. Ishaan will also get angry with Ria for hiding his keyboard in the suitcase. They think who has brought the box out of room. Radha and Ria will get to know about Yug taking out the suitcase, and decide to teach him a lesson. It is going to be real tough time for Yug to deal with the ghost ladies. Keep reading.






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