Unroll: How Ragini’s crime gets known in Swaragini…



Ragini gets shocked seeing Laksh taking last breath in her lap, and cries loudly. She comes to Swara and accepts for her all crimes. She accepts to have pushed Swara in river before her marriage, and all the crimes which she did to safeguard her relation with Laksh. She further adds that Swara took away reason for her happiness and that’s why she will not let her live in this world. She stabs knife in Swara’s stomach oblivious to the fact that the knife is actually a dummy knife. Ragini gets shocked seeing nothing happening to Swara and checks the knife. She turns and sees Laksh standing behind her to her shock. Laksh hears all her crimes and couldn’t believe his ears.

While Ragini tries to blackmail him emotionally, Laksh turns a deaf ear and refuses to believe on her new story. He brings her home and tells all the family about Ragini’s acceptance of her crimes. He shows the video in which she confesses to her crime. Ragini continues to cry and acts innocent. All the Maheshwari family side with Swara and gets angry with Ragini. They decide to break all ties with Ragini inorder to punish her for her sins. Laksh breaks his marriage with Ragini, and asks her to leave from his life. Ragini cries and is unable to take Laksh’s hatred. Parvati and Shekhar reach Maheshwari house and couldn’t believe that their Ragini could do such a thing. They apologize to Swara and accept Sumi in Shekhar’s life again. Swara gets happy seeing her parents uniting. It is yet to be seen what Ragini will do now. Swara decides not to marry Laksh, while the family gets on new duty to convince Swara to marry her love. Keep reading.




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