Gopi’s mum Madhu to return; Kokila to be targeted…



Gopi meets her lost long mum Madhuben outside the temple of Sherawali Mata rani. She came to temple to get Mata Rani’s blessings, but she made her meet her real mum Madhuben. Madhuben sees Gopi and tries to run. She falls down the stairs and gets unconscious. Gopi calls her Maa and tries to wake her up. Ahem and Jigar are shocked too, and tries waking her up in vain. They take her to hospital to get her treated. Madhuben holds revenge motives against Kokila, which is unknown to Gopi.

Meera troubles Dharam’s first wife and Shravan’s mum. She drags her and takes to Gaura. She says your position in this house is less than a servant. Gaura tried to make Meera fall in the cow’s dung. Vidya tells Meera that Gaura made her fall in the cow’s dung. Meera believes Gaura blindly and refuses to believe Vidya. She doubts her sautan and insults her. Will Gopi be able to manage Madhuben and Gaura? Keep reading.


  1. Why they always show negativity there are a thousand things in the world they can show but they always show melodramas revenge and leaps again and again i totally hate gopi she’s not honest as well as not innocent she’s a hell!!! Stop this serial better start a new drama


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