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Sony’s Maharana Pratap presents the tale of a great Warrior Maharan Pratap. Sharad Malhotra is doing an excellent job, it seems he is really involved in the character. The show started with Faisal khan playing the young Pratap with an impressive opening. The show depicts the life of a royal family and how the controversies takes place in the family. I am a big fan of the serial, I am watching this serial from its 1st episode. I really enjoyed the bravery of Maharana Pratap and the way he fought with Akbar and made him lose.

But now the story is diverting from the track. Akbar is making all the arrangements to defeat Pratap, On the other hand, Pratap’s Choti maa is planning all the tactics to kill Pratap. As we all know Choti maa’s truth has come out infront of everyone, I think Pratap should give orders to hang Dheer bai, her Brother and definitely coward Jagmal who wants to kill innocent people inorder to fulfills his desires. A new characters like Vish Kanya and a man-eater are also showing in the serial to kill Pratap, but this will definitely not entertain the audience. As a viewer, we just want to see the story on track, we want to see the fight between Akbar and Pratap, else the Show will lose its charm.

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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